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Keep your eyes peeled for our new website – launching April

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Web Developer

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Building blocks: An introduction to design…

20th September 2011

Remember when you were young, raking through your box of Lego trying to find the perfect pieces to create a masterpiece? Well, some of us never grew out of that.

We still apply that same logic to our everyday job, looking for the perfect shapes, colours and pieces, but instead of Lego, we’re talking brochures, logos and adverts. You name it, we’ve probably done it!

It all starts out as something quite simple, which we then build on to produce a piece of work that we can be proud of. Sometimes we have to knock it all down and rebuild, but the same components are always there, to create something solid that works.

Although our design team have taken the basic principle of building blocks and cleverly applied it to their careers, some artists took it quite literally and never wanted to let that four letter word go. Here’s a selection of some of their masterpieces…

Yellow man


Rebirth of New Orleans


Chinese take-away


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