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Keep your eyes peeled for our new website – launching April

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PR beyond the press release

8th September 2011

Ah, PR, a life of endless parties spent drinking champagne and cocktails whilst glued to a mobile phone. A world of glitz and glamour, where PR professionals ‘spin’ stories and distort the truth.

That’s what some would believe, anyway. But perhaps the worst misconception is that PR people spend most of their time churning out endless numbers of generic press releases and distributing them across the nation in the hope that journalists may use them.

Though the press release is an effective marketing tool, it is only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to achieving good coverage, we need the freedom to implement a range of tactics, including building good relationships with key contacts, and pitching stories that are tailored to specific publications and audiences.

Press releases are a great way to achieve snippets of coverage in lots of titles, but offering story ideas which reflect an organisation’s brand and the audience they cater to can be much more rewarding, and helps to secure higher quality pieces of coverage in key industry publications or newspapers.

Spending time letting journalists know when something may be of interest to them and putting them directly in touch with the client is also another valuable way to achieve regular, positive coverage, and can lead to journalists actively seeking further news stories from that company to include in their publications.

At Bluestorm, we spend time engaging with journalists and learning what their specialisms are in a bid to generate coverage which hits the mark every time. That way, we can help to promote a long-standing and positive relationship between the media and our clients, achieving regular and effective stories for years to come.

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