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3 Google AdWords Updates That Will Seriously Benefit Your PPC Campaign

By Beth Watson, Digital Analyst at Bluestorm

When Bluestorm got wind of a whole host of exciting Google AdWords updates, we knew we had to share them. Expanded audiences, quality clicks and cost effectiveness are key to success for PPC marketers, and AdWords’ brand new features truly deliver. We share our knowledge on these major AdWords updates and explain how you can make them work for your PPC campaign.

1. Expanded Text Ads

Digital marketers are constantly hunting for ways to make their PPC campaigns more visible, and Google has responded in a big way by almost doubling the size of its paid search text ads. From 26th July, advertisers can exploit 140 characters of ad space, providing greater opportunities to really shout about a client’s fantastic products or services.

These huge changes will be most noticeable in an ad’s headline and description. AdWords users will benefit from 60 characters spread over two headlines and a single description line featuring a whopping 80 characters. What’s more, every ad is fully optimised across all devices for a seamless user experience.

The obvious benefit of Google’s latest AdWords update is greater visibility for your product information leading to a higher CTR. This can work wonders for a PPC campaign, as better informed users are less likely to send your bounce rate skyrocketing and are far more likely to convert.

Tip: make early preparations and get ahead of the competition by expanding existing ads.

2. Table Extensions

On a similar note, Google has opened up a whole realm of possibilities with its brand new table extensions feature on AdWords, also launching on 26th July. In a bid to increase qualified clicks, these tables can be added onto regular text ads to provide users with key product information and prices.

At this stage, table extensions are only available to businesses with set prices, excluding certain businesses like airlines and hotels. On the plus side, they are fully mobile-optimised, ensuring that key customers can be reached on the go. 

As with the expanded text ads, visibility of product information has the greatest impact on PPC campaigns, ensuring that quality users are clicking through onto your site and reducing waste on your PPC spend.

Tip: products that receive the highest search volumes will perform best in table extensions.

3. Shopping Ads in Mobile Image Search

It’s common knowledge that consumers are increasingly shopping on smartphones, and Google has responded this summer with the announcement that shopping ads will soon feature in mobile image search results. This revolutionary move will allow PPC advertisers to reach greater audiences with high quality imagery, up-to-date product information and dedicated landing pages.

As usual, shopping ads will be keyword-based but could soon mingle amongst broader search terms, which could send impressions catapulting. Shopping ads are generally cheaper than text ads, however, and advertisers only pay when users click through to a website, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Tip: be aware that that ad impressions are likely to skyrocket post-launch, which is great for driving visitors to your site, but could quickly exhaust your PPC budget.

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