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5 reasons to consider pay per click (PPC) advertising

By Jake Ingleby, Senior Online Marketing Consultant at Bluestorm

Increase traffic - generate instant results

PPC can produce an immediate, controllable flow of additional visitors to your website. This can be useful either to get your new website off the ground, or to find additional traffic for a time bound offer or event. It’s a quick way of achieving an instant return.

In the long run, the aim of your SEO campaign should be to rank for key terms organically, so that you no longer have to pay Google or Bing for sending people to your site. This however will take time and PPC can provide a cost effective stop gap.

Attract better visitors – improve conversion rates, achieve your objectives

PPC can attract high-quality visitors to your site. By high quality, we mean visitors who are most likely to ‘convert’, which simply means do what you want them to. That could be to let you have their contact details, subscribe to your electronic newsletter or make an online purchase.

By tracking the behaviour of visitors who got to your site by clicking on an advertisement, we can quickly understand which advertisement or keywords produced the greatest number of conversions. We can then respond immediately by diverting spend from poor performers to the top-performing terms, or try something new. 

In this way we can improve the quality of visitors to your site and reduce your cost per click – CPC.

Test SEO strategy – find out which terms work before you try to rank for them organically

PPC is a great way to kick start your SEO campaign, since ranking naturally or organically takes time, particularly in competitive market sectors.

A three-month PPC campaign could help to establish which keywords attract the best visitors, before you invest time and energy in ranking for those terms organically. As such, it’s a low cost means of establishing a firm foundation for your on-going digital marketing campaign.

Build and protect your brand – raise awareness and prevent competitors from poaching your traffic

Did you know that there’s nothing to stop your competitors from advertising at the top of the page that your website should rank naturally for? So, for example, your direct competitor could target visitors who type the name of your business into search engines.

However, if you wanted to advertise in that spot, the search engines will deem your advertisement to be more relevant and will give it precedence. The majority of large businesses use this technique to protect their brands, and prevent competitors poaching their traffic.

Prove your return on investment (ROI) with detailed reporting and analysis

PPC is the most measurable of all marketing and advertising disciplines. It’s also the most flexible.

You only pay if people click through to your site and you can track what they do when they get there. If they don’t do what you want them to, in sufficiently high numbers, you can try something new.

You know, exactly, how much each click cost, so that you can work out an exact return on investment. If the cost per conversion is too high, you can change tactics immediately.

But, it’s not as easy as it looks…

So, here are our five great reasons to try PPC, but please be aware that it’s not as easy as it looks. If you’ve tried PPC before and it didn’t work, it’s likely that insufficient time was spent in the research, planning, setting up, monitoring and analysis of results.

Of course experience in all of the above is vital. Jake Ingleby, Senior Online Marketing Consultant, has achieved great success with PPC for many of our clients and would be pleased to talk to you about any project you may have in mind – 01482 649343.

In the meantime, take a look at our new infographic on the campaign we’ve undertaken for our client, Bennetts Timber:

 Click here to view our full portfolio.

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