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Ben Murdoch - My Work Experience At Bluestorm

I’m currently taking my A-levels and have a great interest in media studies and English, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to be able to go for a week’s work experience at Bluestorm.

Working in the PR department was really interesting, as I never truly understood what PR was before my week. As the week progressed I learned so much and it has definitely helped me in deciding what I want to study at university and what kind of job I want.

I arrived at the office on Monday morning, not really knowing what to expect. The moment that I walked in, everyone was friendly and welcoming. I was given a quick tour of the building and I was really impressed.

During the week I tried my hand at a number of tasks that had previously been completed by members of the Bluestorm PR team. My first task was to write a blog for one of Bluestorm’s clients, Coachman Caravans. I had to research tips for new caravaners and then compile them into the list, whilst also considering the fact that it needed to be a blog post that people want to read.

The next task involved writing a press release for the production of Annie at Hull New Theatre. I consider this to be one of the most valuable things I learned at Bluestorm. By writing a press release, I gained a variety of skills and gained a better understanding of how the PR department works at Bluestorm.

Later in the week, I wrote a press release for a series of Ellen Kent opera productions, arranged a press event for the productions and wrote a blog post on a basic guide to the opera. With feedback from some of the Bluestorm staff and comments on how they would have handled the task, I gained a valuable insight into how PR is used on a large scale.

Throughout my work experience I had plenty of work to keep me busy and I really began to understand how PR works. Before, I had never really considered the importance of PR, but now after my experience I’ve realised how crucial it is to a successful business.

Overall, my week at Bluestorm has been extremely valuable and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been challenged by the work and was able to improve my skills as a result. Everyone at Bluestorm was more than happy to help with anything I needed. The experience will be useful in the future and I’m glad that I took the opportunity.

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