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Brands that are changing it up!


We all remember the iconic 2006 advert, a tribe of gorgeous women running along the beach after a single Lynx-spraying man! But Lynx has been repositioning its brand for some time now, with a redesign of its product range and strategically leaving behind the ‘Lynx effect’ strapline.

Not only are we loving the look of the new products but we’re loving the adaption of the TV campaign.

Watch the advert here.

The new ‘find your magic’ campaign gives a nod to promoting confidence and not conforming to the traditional ‘sexy’ standards!


The Place Where Coke Tastes So Good!

Where does the best coke?

You knew it was the golden arches straight away right? Did you notice that they didn’t mention the M word once? No logo, no products, no distinctive whistle at the end of the advert.

So how do they do it? Well, they do have one of the most iconic brands on the planet, having developed a logo and brand that is instantly recognisable all over the world.

With recognition comes the need to no longer use ‘loud signals’ of branding and a focus on subtlety and discretion. Did you notice the subtle signals in the adverts? Watch it again and look out for the distinctive colours– red and yellow, and the guy that has that very well-known uniform on!

P.S. We’ve still not told you who it is!


Is it the end of the iconic ‘this isn’t just…’?

Apparently so! M&S are calling their new advertising campaign a ‘radical departure’ from its previous campaigns, introducing a new slogan ‘Spend It Well’.

The new campaign includes a range of scenarios where people are living life to the fullest and Steve Rowe, M&S CEO, said ‘What we are hearing loud and clear is that M&S customers – of all generations – are united by a shared attitude to life; one that says life is short and time is precious so we want to enjoy every minute. 

But in today's busy, frantic world it's all too easy to find you haven't put time aside for the things matter most. So, we've built a new brand proposition that encourages customers to focus on what really matters to them personally.'

The new Spend It Well advert.

We’ve noticed M&S aren’t the only ones that are using emotive messaging to portray themselves as a brand that enables a well-lived life, with Sainsbury’s and Lloyds having recently gone in similar directions. Switching things up in this way means brands aren’t necessarily thinking about those typical factors that define their target audience, for example, age, gender and location, and more about what drives them and what they enjoy. Thinking about their audience in this attitudinal way is allowing brands to target a whole host of other demographics.


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