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Catch up with… Miria our Media Account Handler

We caught up with Miria, our rocker with the love of John Smith's, Hull 2017 and breadcakes. Managing clients advertising campaigns, Miria's a hawkeye on budgets, deadlines and setting smart objectives.

Hi Miria! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Bluestorm…

I am an aged rocker with a love of John Smith’s Smooth and more recently gin! I have been at Bluestorm for 11 years now and look after all the media buying/advertising requirements for our clients including: Research, planning to meet clients objectives, rate negotiations, budget management, deadline management, creative development and everything else in-between! 

What’s your top highlight from your time with us, so far?

I would say it is working with the Hull UK City of Culture 2017 team to help promote their season launches and day to day activity, which has been exciting to be involved with. However, every day is different so it’s all good!

How did you get into media buying?

Straight from my finishing my A-levels into my first job with the Hull Daily Mail, where I stayed for 17 years before deciding to try my hand at all things marketing instead.

What do you think are the key factors people need to take into consideration when exploring advertising?

Who they are trying to talk to which is relevant for both B2B and B2C. Knowing who your clients are and how they interact with your company helps us to put together a targeted plan to talk directly to your potential audience. The creative also should reflect this.

How do you feel offline advertising fits into the digital advertising world – can they benefit each other?

Of course, everyone consumes media in different ways and if you only target your audience through one channel, then you may be missing out on reaching other potential clients who don’t interact with this medium. Because we are a full service agency we can include every relevant targeting method to ensure we reach all necessary audiences for your product/services/business.

What’s the most out the box advertising you’ve done for a client?

A personalised giant inflatable number 1 for a client which we had to erect and pin down in strong winds at the Freedom Festival, that was a challenge!

We know you’re a big music fan, so what’s your favourite venue to watch bands?

Fruit or Hull City Hall.

Who’s your favourite person in Bluestorm? …Go on, we won’t tell…

The Boss obviously, he pays my wages! But really, it’s Kirstie, hi Kirstie!

And lastly, full cooked breakfast bap or sushi?

It’s a breadcake and neither!

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