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Communication and the Wonders of the Universe - A Short Tribute to Stephen Hawking

“Communicate plainly, and who knows, you might even end up understanding it yourself!” Stephen Hawking – The Reith Lectures, 2016

Few people have had a greater impact on the way we understand the world and our universe than Professor Stephen Hawking. For more than 50 years, his contributions to physics and pioneering theories pushed science forward, whilst his efforts to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos encouraged generations to develop an interest in the universe.

Professor Hawking’s tenacity and grit in the face of adversity were an inspiration to millions. Despite the challenges and limitations posed by his condition, he was a fantastic communicator. Charming and funny, he had the ability to break down complex, advanced theories into clear, concise and interesting material – a rare skill, and something to aspire to for anyone working in the field of communications.

He will be sorely missed.


By Barnaby Patchett of Write Words Agency, part of our writing team

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