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Bluestorm helps Cottingham students with Young Enterprise project

Recently, Bluestorm played host to a group of students from Cottingham High School, who were taking part in the Young Enterprise programme. They were in the process of setting up and registering a limited liability company to develop and sell a product or service of their own design.

The students had come up with the idea of Herbhub Ltd - a company that would manufacture a window-box style herb garden. This would be supplied with a growing calendar to show the best times to plant and harvest herbs. A list of recipes would also be provided, to demonstrate how the herbs could be best used in certain dishes. They asked for our help to develop a new logo and corporate identity for their business.

We worked with the students as if they were actual clients. When they visited Bluestorm HQ, they were treated to a tour of the business, before meeting with our team to discuss their ideas and outline business plan. With our help, a briefing document was prepared to enable our designers to develop new branding for the fledgling business. When complete, we paid a return visit to Cottingham High School to present our work.

The group’s mentor Norman Court, a Business Advisor for the Young Enterprise Scheme, said: 

“Bluestorm’s involvement was generous and effective, including the follow up visits which they committed to. The practical coaching of the students and the time taken to introduce them to all of the elements of a busy commercial practice was done in a manner that will help not only the students’ commercial skills, but also their recognition of that part of any task/iceberg that sits beneath the waterline and must be solid enough to enable the bit above the waterline to exist and be visible.

“The students themselves have asked me to convey their grateful thanks, which I echo also on behalf of Young Enterprise, both for this input and work involvement and for the generous offer to support future school groups in succeeding years. Thank you.”

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