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Insight papers offer thought for food

How much effort lies behind that little pot of BBQ sauce with your pub lunch? Or the precise colour and crispness of your chips? Whose bright idea was it to mix mint with chilli sauce?

Those are exactly the kind of insights we find ourselves gathering here in the PR team. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ sectors, turning dry facts into tasty nuggets of industry wisdom that can help influence decision makers.

Recently we’ve been working with AAK Foodservice to write and produce a series of insight papers, offering trend updates, ideas and inspiration for caterers and chefs.

For Lion sauces, we’ve published papers on meat-free menus, global cuisines, and the emergence of holistic approaches to food.

Backed by research findings, our Lion papers provide ways for restaurants, pubs and other foodservice outlets to stay ahead of food trends, and be ready for the next big thing.

Meanwhile, our work with Prep high performance frying oils has seen us produce informative papers on food health legislation, including new laws about acrylamide, as well as sustainable palm oil and the science behind longer-life oils.

Next, we just need to find a way to schedule all the food-related writing and photography until after lunch…

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