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Is SEO dead? Or is it just evolving?

By Jake Ingleby, Senior Online Marketing Consultant at Bluestorm

It seems SEO ‘dies’ every time it adapts. Google moves the goal posts frequently and inevitably penalises some websites for what has become ‘dodgy’ SEO. To say that SEO is dead, is to not fully understand it. Guidelines change quicker than SEO processes which, of course, ruffles some feathers.

Google releases monthly updates to its algorithms, most of which stay under the radar, but updates under the Panda and Penguin name usually have a bigger effect. Panda updates control the general promotions and demotions, whereas Penguin is about punishing the cheaters, the corner-cutters and the black-hat SEO-ers. The punishment comes in the form of a penalty, which is a mark on your record that prevents you ranking anywhere noteworthy. The only way to recover is to remove the infraction or start again from scratch. Needless to say it is easier to do it right from the beginning.

Organic search has been heading away from simply finding as many links as possible for some time now. It’s about having a technically sound website, with a logical structure and engaging copy, optimised for the user and Google. These are all ‘on-page’ SEO tactics, but the most important is now ‘off-page’. This is about having a smaller number of relevant links to your site, and sharing your content through PR channels. SEO will ultimately reflect how your business is perceived in the marketplace – if nobody talks about you, how can you expect Google to deem you worthy to rank?

Therefore, it is more important than ever to ditch the one-man band who is doing your SEO for “cheap”. SEO has grown and now encapsulates many digital marketing disciplines. You can’t write good copy without a copywriter, you can’t optimise your site without a development team and you can’t hope to share your content without a good social media presence. SEO now belongs in the hands of full service agencies that have the knowledge and skills in-house to deliver across all platforms and are, most importantly, accountable for the results.

We are one of the region’s biggest agencies with an impressive SEO track record, which really offers clients value for money and, most importantly, results and sales leads. If you’d like to discuss how an effective SEO strategy can help boost your bottom line, get in touch.

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