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Starting a business? Start with PR…

Advertising, events management, promotional literature, PR and online marketing are all vital parts of a successful, fully integrated marketing campaign, but when it comes to marketing a new business with a limited budget, PR is often the best place to start.

Efficient at creating awareness of a new brand quickly, PR is a fantastic way to engage with your target market and ensures that you’re spreading the right messages to as many potential customers as possible. However, it is often misunderstood, as many people are not fully aware of what it can achieve for a business.

With juggling overheads, wages and other start-up outgoings, it may seem like a gamble to pay for the services of an agency, but having a PR strategy in place is vital, as it enables you to engage and communicate with your audiences.
This can be done through issuing news releases and feature contributions to your industry’s key magazines and regional newspapers, along with liaising with journalists to establish good working relationships.

Another important thing to remember about PR today, is that it doesn’t just create media coverage across traditional mediums, including print, TV and radio anymore. A good PR strategy now incorporates online, as well as offline activity. From traditional and online media to blogs and social media activity, there are numerous avenues that can be pursued.

Campaigns can achieve a significant, positive impact, and in a short space of time, can help you progress from preparing for the launch of your new product or service, to establishing a loyal base of customers.
As a business continues to grow and develop, incorporating additional tools into the marketing strategy is incredibly valuable, but it’s all about getting off to the right start.

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