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We’re looking for a Web Developer

We’re looking for a full-stack php web developer to join our growing team here at bluestorm.

The digital team has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Starting as 2 web developers and a designer, we’ve now become a fully-fledged team of 3 full-stack developers, 2 digital marketers, our good ol’ designer, and a head of digital to keep it all in check.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to be at the forefront of digital technology, always experimenting and learning to make sure that when Bluestorm is approached with a complex brief, we have a creative and modern solution with the knowledge and experience to back it up. It’s an approach that has been so successful that we now need someone else to join us and increase our team’s capacity and capability.

That’s where you may come in.

We’re looking for another capable full-stack php web developer to join our team. We need someone who is tech savvy and knowledgeable, willing to learn, and ready to make our team bigger and better. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

You’ll be working on building new sites on Craft CMS, older sites built on ExpressionEngine and larger projects built on Laravel, so experience with any of those would be a bonus for us and you. We have some large custom web applications that you may help maintain and develop, like visit management systems, course database management systems, and internal tools for business and server management.

Aside from the usual brochure sites and occasional larger projects, we've also worked on some creative and unusual things like...

  • An 42" interactive touch screen table for an exhibition with information pages and a game.
  • Interactive touch screens for animal tanks at The Deep.
  • Apps for B2B and B2C.
  • Christmas and Easter games.
  • Large touch screen presentations.
  • Chatbots.

Not to brag, but as a forward thinking agency, we don’t support IE6-10 or old versions of other browsers (or any browser with less than a 1% market share). That means we can focus on supporting secure browsers and using modern technology instead of wasting time on bugs and fixes. As long as the text is readable in those older browsers, that’s good enough. We display upgrade notifications on older browsers to help keep the web safe.

Another thing - we don't use templates. That means no themes or widgets in our websites. They're created from scratch on top of our 'whitelabel' in Craft, speeding up development and making our developers lives easier. You won't often find us discussing the intricacies of hacked Wordpress plugins or which theme to use on our latest Squarespace site!

There’s a lot of reasons to work here.

Bluestorm is a friendly place to work with a great team spirit. Whilst we have deadlines, budgets and schedules like everywhere else, we also have a games room, monthly ‘pigs and beans’ boxes (see the image), and funky house Fridays!

We can do corporate and professional, ensuring our clients have confidence in us being able to do our job for them. But we’re also fun, creative and relaxed, making sure everyone enjoys working here.

The studio has no real dress code but most of us dress smart(-ish) casual and we often take a trip to Papa’s fish and chip takeaway on Fridays for lunch. We’re a close bunch in and out of work – but that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to be our new best friend.

In the summer and at Christmas we usually get together for a big bash where we let our hair down and celebrate together with some drinks and dancing, and occasionally sumo wrestling rings and achery!

Additionally, you'll be supplied with a 27" iMac and accessories, a big desk and a comfy ergonomic chair in an open and welcoming office just outside of Hull.

If you’re interested in applying for the position, head over to the web developer vacancy page to check out the requirements.

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