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Who said PR was glamorous?

Joggers, sweatshirts and wellies were the order of the day for several members of the Bluestorm team when we visited three pig breeding sites in Yorkshire.

The trip was part of our induction and training programme for one of our clients, JSR Genetics. Andy Cawley, Julie Leydon, Laura Davies and James King were escorted by JSR’s Mark Woodall, as they visited boar stud (see pic) and two pig production units. The first of these was a breeding unit, the second a finishing unit.

So, why the glamorous outfits? Well bio-security is paramount for JSR and it operates a strict shower in, shower out policy. Visitors and staff members must change out of their everyday clothes, take a shower and change in to clean work clothes each and every time they enter the production units. The process is reversed when they leave. It helps JSR maintain the very highest of disease control standards.
According to Julie, the showering and dressing down were well worth the effort…

“One of the ways in which we support JSR’s marketing and communications effort is to produce new content for the JSR website, and try to secure as much editorial coverage as we can in the magazines, websites and newspapers that are likely to be read by JSR customers. It’s one thing to be told how the business and its constituent parts operate, but to have the chance to see it for yourself is so much better.”
So, what did the Bluestorm team learn? Well, here are a few facts and figures:

• JSR’s boar stud in North Yorkshire currently has 160 boars.
• This is one of 3 boar studs / AI production units operated by JSR Genetics.
• The boars are one of 3 breeds: Landrace, Large White or Duroc.
• 12 sire lines have been developed, which are suitable for different pig production settings, or to produce different characteristics – fast growing for example, or robust constitution and resistance to certain kinds of disease.
• JSR Farms is a 4,000 sow pig production business, which produces 2,000 pigs per week.
• The gestation period for a pig is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.
• An average pig produces 12 pigs per litter.
• Feed has increased in price by 40 per cent in the last 3 years and feed accounts for 65 per cent of the cost of production. This has been a driving force behind the development of fast growing sire lines by JSR Genetics.

So, thanks to the JSR team for letting us spend the day with them. We really enjoyed the experience - give or take the showers and outfits!

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