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Work experience - Izzy Kirk

Last week, we were joined by lovely work experience student, Izzy Kirk, from Hymers College.

Here’s how she found life in the PR office:

As an A-level student wanting to go into marketing and PR, work experience was a must. It served to assist whether this industry was really where I was supposed to belong, so I knocked on the door of Bluestorm.

Luckily, they invited me to visit for a week during the February half term and on my final day of work experience, I really didn’t want it to end. My time here has been truly eye-opening and made me realise that this type of work is exactly what I want to do in the future.

So, what did I do at Bluestorm?

Entering the Bluestorm offices early on Monday morning, I was amazed by the amount of smiley and generally lovely people walking the corridors – everyone was welcoming as soon as I arrived. My main worry was that I was going to have nothing to do and just be stuck doing admin, but I didn’t need to worry – I have loved every single second of it!

Equipped with a Mac and a work experience pack, I sat down to work. The booklet was split up into five days, each with a different section of Bluestorm, for example strategic marketing, account handling and PR.

With the help of the team, I was given the task of creating a summer event for Hornsea Freeport. This involved planning a theme, activities and games, as well as creating a news release and advertorial to promote the event and, finally, calculating all costs of hiring and setting up to ensure I remained within the budget.

Although this proved difficult and needed a lot of thorough research over the three days dedicated to it, it was a brilliant task as it incorporated event management and planning, which is an area I had never looked into but now am seriously considering.

For the final two days, I was given the task of creating a new library for Hull City of Culture 2017 and to then write a blog on my opinion of Hull from the view of a 17-year-old living in the city. I had never realised how intriguing blog writing actually is and also how difficult it is to design a sustainable piece of architecture that appeals to all ages.

I think that out of everything this was my most enjoyable and thought-provoking task. It really made me think about the city I live in and aspects I had never contemplated before when out and about with friends and family.

Overall, my short, yet extraordinary, time here at Bluestorm is one I will never forget. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to go into this industry gets some work experience at a local agency. Bluestorm and its employees have challenged and tested my skills and reaffirmed that this is definitely the area of work for me.

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