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Reputation is an incredibly valuable asset, which makes public relations (PR) – the marketing discipline that looks after it – a vital tool. It’s all about connecting with the people who matter most and making sure they are on your side, by engaging with them effectively and building successful two-way communication.

There’s a number of ways this can be done. As Hull’s leading PR agency, our expertise lies in inspiring copy writing, results-driven media relations, engaging social media and effective award bid writing. We have a wealth of experience in the research and development of successful internal communications strategies, too. We also appreciate that things can get tough, which is why we will stand by your side and offer effective PR support in a crisis.


Taking care of your reputation – helping you to succeed.

campaign planning, research and evaluation..

The basis of any effective PR campaign is understanding, which is why we get to know you, your key audiences and your competition.

The success of our work is based on insight, detailed research and extensive planning. We identify the channels that are relevant to the people you are trying to reach and the key influencers in your sector. We then use this to create strategic and objective-driven PR campaigns from our office in Hull to help you achieve your aims. At the end of the day, it’s not about column inches and coverage – it’s about results.

campaign planning, research and evaluation.

media relations..

Our Hull-based PR team is equipped with the skills to deliver effective media relations campaigns. We know what makes a good story, we can write succinct, compelling copy, we can select the images that portray your message and understand how to successfully pitch to the press.

We understand what you want to say, to whom and why. Then, we seek the best newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and programmes to deliver your message. Over the years, we have established strong, mutually-rewarding relationships with journalists in both the Hull area and beyond, so we are confident we can get your news, feature or comment published. By doing this, we can help you increase awareness, change perceptions, build credibility and reach your PR goals.

Through backgrounds in journalism, press relations, creative and technical copy writing, our PR team can tackle a whole host of subjects, across any sector.

media relations.

social media..

The web can be a fantastic tool for building a brand, but it can also destroy a reputation in seconds. The risks may be high, but so too are the opportunities for positive PR.

The best place to start is by clarifying your objectives and exactly what you want to achieve. It’s great to boost your Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers, but they are not goals – just a means to an end. Based in Hull, our dedicated social media team can take a look at your current activity and help you to understand how social media can work for you. We can create effective campaigns that seamlessly integrate into your overall PR and marketing plan, as well as monitor and evaluate the results.

social media.


Well-written copy is powerful. It has the capability to persuade, engage and entice.

Our creative and technical copywriters here in Hull can turn their hand to any PR material, be it a news release, feature, literature, leaflet, website, newsletter, video or advertising campaign. But first, you need to have a clear purpose. Whatever the PR objective and whichever the medium, we can deliver results through our extensive experience and flair.


internal communications and employee engagement..

People feel a sense of ownership in their work if they know what’s going on around them. This is why clear internal communications can help to engage, motivate and retain members of your workforce.

In addition to this, a good team spirit can have a very direct and positive impact on commercial performance. Our Hull-based PR team can review the current situation and make suggestions going forward, as well as develop, support and execute creative internal communications campaigns.

internal communications and employee engagement.

crisis pr and reputation management..

When accidents happen, reputations that have taken years to build can be damaged very quickly. To protect and preserve a brand, it’s all about how the situation is handled.

The key to success in crisis management is effective planning. Mistakes are made and actions have unintended consequences, but by anticipating problems, being prepared and having clear lines of communication, a good reputation can be protected and, in some cases, enhanced. Our PR team has experience in all aspects of crisis management, both with organisations in the Hull area and across the UK, so don’t fear, we are here to support you!

crisis pr and reputation management.

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