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In competitive search markets, paid search or pay per click advertising (PPC) can produce results quickly.

Our experienced SEO team can research, plan, execute and audit PPC advertising campaigns, which are capable of attracting the right visitors to your site. 

Pay per Click (PPC) is budget based advertising on Google search results pages. The ads appear at the top of Google search results and appear very similar to the normal listings below.

Adverts are placed there by bidding on certain search terms, the highest bidder, appears at the top. The bid amounts are dependent on your search terms and are typically between £0.50 - £2.50.

Using the Adwords software, we input which search terms (keywords) we want ads to appear and set the budget constraints. Money is taken out of that budget every time a user clicks your ad, simply appearing and not being clicked is free. When your budget has been depleted, the campaign stops.


Put your website in front of your customers, for your keywords!

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