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An award-winning PR agency, taking care of your reputation.

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An organisation's most valuable asset is its reputation.

Public Relations or PR is about identifying the groups of people who matter to your organisation and making sure that they are onside, through effective engagement and creative two-way communication. Understanding is the foundation of effective PR and all of our campaigns are built on insight, research and detailed planning.

What we do

Media Relations

We understand what is newsworthy, can write compelling copy and know how to pitch to journalists and bloggers.

Social Media

Brands can be built or destroyed online - we can monitor, support, implement and evaluate social media activity and campaigns.


Our writers produce engaging copy for websites, digital campaigns, corporate literature, advertisements and technical applications as well as funding and award bids.

Internal Communications

Effective internal communications can help you to achieve your corporate goal by engaging, motivating and retaining team members.

Crisis PR

When things go wrong, reputations can be damaged or enhanced. Our PR team is experienced in all aspects of crisis PR, so don’t panic, we can help.

Reporting & Evaluations

We will work with you to set clear goals, establish meaningful KPIs and evaluate all PR-focused activity, regardless of channel, to measure progress.

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