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An organisation's most valuable asset is its reputation. This makes public relations (PR), the marketing discipline which looks after it, one of the most important.

PR is about identifying the groups of people who matter to your organisation and making sure that they are onside, through effective engagement and creative two-way communication.

The weapons in our PR armoury include persuasive copy writing, results-driven media relations, engaging social media, successful award bid writing and proven experience in the research and development of effective internal communications strategies. And though prevention is the best cure, if the going does get tough, we can provide effective crisis PR support.


Taking care of your reputation – helping you to succeed.

Campaign planning, research and evaluation.

Understanding is the foundation of effective PR. Our campaigns are built on insight, research and detailed planning.

We get to know you, your target audiences and your competitors. We identify key influencers in your sector and the channels that are relevant to your audiences. We use this understanding to develop strategic and objective-driven PR campaigns that can help you to achieve your goals. After all, it’s not just about cuttings, it’s about results.

Campaign planning, research and evaluation

Media relations.

Knowing what is newsworthy, having an eye for a good story, being able to write succinct, compelling copy, picking the right image and understanding how to pitch ideas to journalists are the PR skills we draw upon to deliver effective media relations campaigns.

With backgrounds in journalism, press relations, creative and technical copy writing, our PR team can tackle any subject, in any sector.

By understanding what you want to say to whom and why, we can find the right newspapers, magazines, programmes, websites and blogs to deliver your message. By forging strong, mutually rewarding relationships with journalists, we ensure that your news, feature or comment is published. In doing so, we can help to build awareness, change perceptions, establish credibility and achieve your PR objectives.

Media relations

Social media.

Reputations are, arguably, at their most vulnerable online. Brands can be built or destroyed, seemingly in the blink of an eye.

The risks are high, but so too are the PR opportunities. The important point is to be clear about objectives - what exactly are you trying to achieve? Numbers of Facebook 'likes' or Twitter followers are not goals in themselves but a means to an end. We can review your current activity, help you to understand what social media can and can't do, create effective campaigns which integrate seamlessly into your wider PR and marketing activity, monitor and evaluate the results.

Social media


Words can speak volumes – but only if they’re well written!

Whatever PR material you need, be it a news release, feature, leaflet, website, newsletter, video or advertising campaign, you have to start with a clear purpose. Whatever the PR objective and whichever the medium, our creative and technical copywriters have the experience and flair to deliver results.


Internal communications and employee engagement.

Effective internal communications can help to engage, motivate and retain members of your team.

By knowing what is going on around them – and why – people feel a sense of ownership in what they are doing. This can have a very direct and positive impact on commercial performance. Our PR team can provide support to review the current situation and make recommendations for the future, as well as develop and execute creative internal communications campaigns.

Internal communications and employee engagement

Crisis PR and reputation management.

Accidents happen, mistakes are made and actions have unintended consequences.

When things go wrong, reputations can be damaged if the situation is handled badly yet, in contrast, if things are handled well, good reputations can be preserved and even enhanced. Effective planning is the key to success in crisis PR management which includes anticipating problems, being prepared and having clear lines of communication. We are experienced in all aspects of crisis PR, so don't panic, we can help!

Crisis PR and reputation management

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