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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about putting your products, services and information in front of those who are searching for them online. 

Our aim is to improve your position for the keywords you target - in the organic (not paid for) search engine listings, to increase awareness and drive visits to your site.

SEO is also about ‘conversion rate optimisation’, encouraging your visitors to do what you want them to once they get to your site.


Making sure that you’re seen, making your website work harder.

SEO audit and goal setting.

Is your website built to the latest web standards? If not, it will almost certainly be penalised by the search engines.

That’s why every SEO campaign begins with a technical audit of the site, followed by remedial action as necessary to get the campaign off to a flying start. Next, we research the market place – using the latest SEO tools to determine potential traffic volumes, as well as your current market share and the relative competitiveness of key phrases. Then we set tangible goals, which might be related to SEO rankings, traffic volumes or visitor behaviour, against which future progress can be monitored.

SEO audit and goal setting

On-page optimisation.

With SEO strategy agreed, we move on to on-page optimisation. This involves making sure that the right words are used in the right places on each page.

This will enable the search engines to index your site and find your content. We will also review the architecture and navigation of the site, and suggest any changes that may be necessary to support the SEO strategy.

On-page optimisation

Content marketing.

When it comes to search engine rankings, content is king.

Its primary purpose is to help ‘convert’ visitors to your site, but great content has a high SEO value too, in that it will be rated highly by the search engines. It can also attract the inbound links and social media interactions which are so highly prized by the search engines.

Our SEO and PR teams can recommend plans for development and create new content, which will support your SEO strategy and create an engaging and effective hub for your wider marketing campaign.

Content marketing

Link building.

Generating high quality links back to your site from other, authoritative sites is a key feature of every successful SEO campaign.

We work hand-in-hand with our PR team to enhance your rankings and direct interested visitors to your site. If your site is being penalised for poor quality SEO links, we will do our best to recover the situation. See ‘when SEO goes wrong’ for more information.

Link building

Social media marketing.

The extent to which people are interacting with your website content via social media, is becoming increasingly important in SEO.

With search engines measuring and ranking this type of activity accordingly. Working with our social media team, our SEO experts can help develop ‘social’ content for your site which will contribute to the success of your SEO campaign.

Social media marketing

Paid search.

In competitive search markets, paid search or pay per click advertising (PPC) can produce results quickly.

Our experienced SEO team can research, plan, execute and audit PPC advertising campaigns, which are capable of attracting the right visitors to your site. PPC is also a great, low cost way to test a keyword strategy before SEO work begins in earnest.

Paid search

When SEO goes wrong.

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates have, in recent years, heavily penalised sites which have either thin content or large quantities of poor quality links.

If your site has suffered in this way, please get in touch – we have an excellent reputation for getting all things SEO-related back on track.

When SEO goes wrong

Reporting and analytics.

SEO is perhaps the easiest of marketing disciplines to evaluate, as you can see for yourself whether we’ve improved the rankings for your target phrases.

However, rankings are really just a means to an end. We will work with you to find appropriate ways to monitor the success of the SEO campaign and tailor our reporting of the detail to meet your SEO needs exactly.

Reporting and analytics

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