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RSL Steeper

The brief.

RSL Steeper is a leading provider of innovative prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology products and services. They produce the bebionic3 prosthetic hand, which the most advanced, commercially available bionic hand in the world today.

RSL Steeper wanted to generate global awareness of their unique, third generation bebionic arm to attract international customers.

The solution.

The technology behind the bebionic3 hand is mind blowing, but the impact it has on people’s everyday lives was the real story and we knew that the human angle was key to generating the wide scale coverage RSL Steeper was after. To achieve global exposure we developed an integrated offline PR and online marketing strategy.

We released information detailing the launch of the bebionic3 hand to all of the major newspapers, BBC regional and national channels and relevant websites. The content focused on RSL Steeper’s vision – to change people’s lives – as well as the technological wizardry that makes the bebionic3 so versatile.

The initial release resulted in one newspaper interviewing bebionic3 owner, Nigel A video of Nigel Ackland. showing how he uses the arm on a daily basis was also produced. We wrote an article about Nigel’s experience of the bebionic3 and released it online, along with the video, to the world’s largest medical technology websites.

The result.

The result was staggering:

Three days after releasing the video we emailed RSL Steeper’s marketing team to tell them that the video had received 500,000 views. The next day they emailed back saying: “we’re over a million now!” Within 5 days this had risen to 1,500,000, including 3,298 comments on YouTube.

The RSL Steeper site achieved 40,000 site visitors in a single weekend - a 2,500% increase. (That is not a typo.) Google Analytics indicated that RSL Steeper’s site goals increased by 300%.

It’s pretty safe to say that RSL Steeper got the global awareness they were after and illustrates the combined power of traditional PR and online marketing.

RSL Steeper

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