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AAK Foodservice

The brief.

AAK Foodservice asked us to review their online offer. They had five standalone websites, supporting five separate brands, but each was dated, unresponsive and difficult to update.

We agreed that the sites were underperforming but we also thought that they were missing a trick – well, two tricks to be precise. They were failing to meet the specific needs of a key target audience – national account buyers and missing a critical opportunity to cross sell.

The solution.

We suggested re-developing the sites on a single content management platform, with a hub and spokes model.

The hub would be the AAK Foodservice site itself with content designed for national account managers and buyers. Each of the brands would have its own ‘spoke’ website, with content designed for chefs.

Each site would have individual branding and functionality, but share a common structure and layout. Key assets, such as downloadable resources and news, would be stored centrally and accessible from any site.

The result.

We have created a new suite of websites which is up to date, responsive and easy to update. It is addressing all of AAK’s target audiences and cross selling effectively.

It is also acting as an effective hub for AAK’s wider, integrated marketing campaigns. With a single, intuitive CMS and log in, it can be updated by each of AAK’s brand managers without our help.

As well as saving time, it is helping the team to work more closely together, coordinate activities, share resources and results, and measure return on investment.

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