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The brief.

In a world of complex supply chains, securing a sustainably produced commodity such as palm oil can be difficult. It’s a global challenge which GreenPalm certificate trading set out to beat.

It was devised by edible oils business AAK, in conjunction with the Malaysian- headquartered Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We were asked in 2008 to help launch the programme.

The solution.

The scale of this communication challenge was huge and the complexity of the message daunting. First we had to persuade producers across the globe to join, and then convince international manufacturers and retailers to buy certificates. We used every communication tool in our on and offline armoury.

The result.

Prior to being merged in 2017, as planned, into the RSPO Palmtrace programme, GreenPalm secured over 1000 members and over 17m GreenPalm certificates were traded.

We continue to work with the RSPO to promote the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil across the globe.

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