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The brief.

When we started working for Lincat back in 1996, we were asked for our help to review and refresh rather tired product literature.

As is so often the case, we quickly identified many other ways in which we could support the business’ development. In particular, it was clear that Lincat’s corporate identity, branding and public perception, had failed to keep up with its progress.

People still thought of Lincat as a manufacturer of small counter top fryers, rather than the larger concern it had become, offering a much broader range of equipment.

The solution.

We tackled the problem in stages, starting with the product literature.

We asked Lincat’s customers what they thought about the current brochures, their strengths and weaknesses, and we incorporated what we were told into our new designs.

Feedback from distributors and end-users was fantastic, and it gave the Lincat team the confidence they needed to trust us with their re-branding exercise. This too was a great success.

As a result, we went on to provide support for exhibitions, advertising and media relations as well as integrated marketing and communications campaigns.

It is great news that we are still doing all of that, together with their digital marketing, 21 years later!

The result.

Lincat has grown exponentially, especially in recent years, and we are proud of our long-term partnership with them. That said, we are under no illusions. Lincat stay with us not out of loyalty or friendship – though we do enjoy working together. Instead they stay because we help them to achieve their commercial objectives.

And that’s quite a challenge since Lincat is an incredibly ambitious company. Managing Director, Chris Jones, is determined to continue to grow sales and profits through a combination of new product development, expansion into new sectors and increase in market share. We look forward to playing our part.

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