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In our view, good design is about creating a visual approach that is capable of achieving specific objectives. 

That’s why we take time to understand exactly who you are and what you’re trying to do, and then research the wider context. This enables us to produce design that can really deliver.

Whether it’s working with your existing brand, or creating something new entirely, our award-winning design and production teams deliver everything you may require (and more!) on time and within budget. We can tackle literally anything, from initial branding, print materials and packaging, to digital design and exhibitions.


First impressions count, which is why clever and creative design is important to your business.

Corporate branding.

Your brand couldn’t be more important.  It should define what you stand for, communicate your personality and engender trust.

Our design and productions teams have an excellent track record of creating and developing corporate branding which does just that. Understanding your organisation is the starting point - getting to grips with what you’re trying to do, learning about your target audience and what you want to say. Whether it’s the design of a simple company logo or a new visual identity for a product or service, we can make your brand values shine through.

Corporate branding

Design for print.

We bring design to life with print. We offer new ideas and brighter thinking to ensure that design works for you in a way which makes you stand out from the crowd.

From concept to completion, we manage the whole design process from start to finish. Whether you require a catalogue, corporate literature, signage or stationery, we will advise on the best format and spec and how it should be effectively used.

Design for print

Exhibition design.

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great platform to promote your business to your target audience and demonstrate exactly what you have to offer.

This means that “putting your best foot forward” is an absolute necessity. Working with our design and production teams, we interpret what you want to achieve at an exhibition and endeavour to make it happen. We design, plan and co-ordinate on your behalf and are experienced in producing all sorts of exhibition materials, from a simple shell scheme, to the installation of full stand builds. We can tackle any part of the design process or provide a comprehensive turn-key solution.

Exhibition design

Packaging design.

Years of experience and extensive research have given us a great understanding of what works when it comes to packaging design, and we are keen to share that knowledge with you.

We can create an eye-catching design that communicates brand values and demands to be noticed, whilst meeting challenging technical demands, too. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to create unique packaging, reduce environmental impact and employ innovative production techniques to reduce costs.

Packaging design


Whoever the audience, whatever the message or media channel, we can design an advertising concept that really works.

Whether you’re aiming to raise or maintain brand awareness, promote a special offer, or launch a new product or service, we can develop clever concepts and an eye-catching design. We also provide a comprehensive media research and planning service.


CGI visualisation.

CGI visualisation can be the key in securing a sale on your product or design before it’s actually been built.

CGI visuals are computer-generated images that illustrate their subject in full, as if you were viewing it in ‘real life’ rather than on a flat screen. It can enable your prospective investor or customer to visualise your proposal within its early stages, whether it’s product design, exhibition design, architectural visuals or one-off illustrations for a website or brochure. Using supplied CAD plans or photography, our team can explore 3D design concepts with you and create high-impact visuals and animations.

CGI visualisation

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